About - AdLIB Design

Larry Barsh, the person behind AdLIB Design, is a retired dentist whose interest in photography has been ongoing for more than 50 years.

In 1975, he took the Grand Prize in the Boston Globe Photography Contest for hs photograph "Of Countries and Generations. He is a semi-professional photographer who has had photographs published in People, Variety, Star and Rolling Stone Magazines as well as several newspapers. Larry has worked as a stringer for the Boston Globe, on-set photographer for the Catherine Crier Show on Court TV and the Jane Pauley Show on NBC. He also hosted a radio call-in "Ask the Doctor" show in Boston in the late 1990s on WBZ Radio.

Larry now works exclusively with digital cameras and, recently, more and more with the iPhone but has, in the past, used 35 mm, 4x5 view and 2 1/4 square formats developing and processing both color and black and white images.

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